Salmon River Fishing Reports

Your Salmon River Fishing Experience

With years of experience and deep knowledge of the river's ecosystem, Guide on the Side offers unparalleled insight into where and when to fish for different species. Their expert advice covers everything from bait selection to casting techniques, helping both beginners and experienced anglers alike make the most out of their time on the water.


We get these questions a lot. What are the best lures for Salmon River fishing? Where can I fish in Salmon River NY? How do you catch salmon in Salmon River NY? For successful fishing in the Salmon River, it's recommended to use spinners, spoons, plugs, artificial egg clusters, and streamer flies in bright or metallic colors. Our fishing guide will provide you with the necessary guidance to select the perfect lure for the fish you want to target. If you plan to fish in Salmon River, NY, some of the popular spots are the upper section beneath the Salmon River Fish Hatchery in Altmar, the middle section accessible through Ellis Cove and Pineville Boat Launch in Pineville, and the downstream areas surrounding the Route 3 Bridge, Douglaston Salmon Run, and Black Hole in Pulaski. We suggest fishing near Pulaski to catch the best Salmon River fish. Note that the two fly fishing-only areas on the Salmon River are reserved for traditional fly fishing gear only. To catch salmon, use medium to heavy action rods, 12-20 lb test lines, and effective lures like spinners, spoons, plugs, artificial egg clusters, or streamer flies during peak season. Try different techniques like drift fishing, bottom bouncing, back-trolling, and fly fishing to adapt to the local conditions. Don't forget to carry a valid New York State fishing license, follow catch limits, and respect restricted areas and private property. Our fishing trips can help you catch your desired Salmon River fish.


Our fishing tours on the Salmon River are designed to give you the best chance of catching Steelhead Trout. Our expert guides have years of experience and know the river like the back of their hands. They will take you to the best spots and teach you the techniques you need to catch these elusive fish. Guide on the Side is an excellent resource for those looking to catch some fish in Salmon River. With our informative fishing reports, we provide detailed information on the best techniques, areas, and times of year for fishing different species. In addition, we offer tips and tricks on how to bait your hook, set up a line, and handle a fish. All of this advice allows fishers to maximize their time spent on the water and increase their chances of landing a big one.

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